The Host Country will organize shuttle service to transfer conference participants to the hotels from Batumi International Airport and Kutaisi (Kopitnari) International Airport.
The schedule of shuttle service from the airports to Batumi will be posted on the web-site as soon as the flight information are provided to the Host Country Secretariat by the Conference participants.
Welcome desks will serve the conference participants at the airports.
Information desk will be available at Tbilisi International Airport, providing conference participants with the information on how to travel to Batumi.

Please, note that the Host Country will not provide transportation from Tbilisi International Airport.
There are several options to arrive in Batumi from Tbilisi International Airport, such as: plane, train, bus, minibus and taxi.
The delegations of conference interested to rent a bus for their own or group transportation in Batumi are able to reserve buses in advance.
Detailed information about flights, railway, taxi and car and bus rental are given below.


For further information about shuttle service can be requested from Ms. Thea Mirianashvili



Flight Railway Taxi Car Rental In Georgia Bus Rental in Batumi